Did you know?

Maintenance of the Valve:
This is important to do as valves assist to maintain the air pressure in your tyres. When you get new tyres, it is important to get new valves as well. Valve caps are used to protect the valve and stop water, dust and dirt getting into the tyre.

What colour are tyres?
You are probably thinking that we are blind by saying tyres are white. But truth be told, tyres original colour is white. The reason why the rubber is black is carbon has been added to the rubber. But later, silica replaced the carbon. This is done as it proved to have better grip in wet conditions. The colour remained the same which had its advantages such as the tyre can withstand more dirt and can compliment any kind of vehicle.

What do we do with old tyres?
Old tyres are recycled and actually used to make roads. They use a technique called Crumbing which turns the tyres into powder, granules or large rubber particles. Roughly 1,000 tonnes of this material is used in Australia each year, according to Department of the Environment. The benefit is it costs less and is easier to transport then crushed rock and gravel. It also extends the life of roads so they do not have to continuously get replaced.

Why is the maintenance of tyres so important?
Tyres are the most important part of your vehicle when itcomes to your vehicles safety and control.

Other drivers on the road:
10% of vehicles on the road today have at least one bald tyre.